A bit of History

SDC was created in the summer of 2010. The company has been very active since, performing at Judson Church, 92Y, LaMama Theatre, Dixon Place, Wild Project Theatre, Hunter College, Triskelion Arts Center, Wings Theatre, Edgewater Hall (SI), ‘Great Room’ for Movement Research (Brooklyn), White Wave/John Ryan Theater, St. Jerome Opera House (Bronx), NY Open Center, Waterside Plaza, Madrid (Spain), Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon, Portugal).

SDC aims to explore, question, and build upon the essential desire that constantly draws us to movement- the most perspicuous state of being deeply 'known' to us.  We explore ourselves as embryos, producers, and accumulators of sensuousness through movement. The company’s main goal is to bring refined, excellent, innovative works of art created by Olsi Gjeci.






July 5

64x Possibilities

Berlin, Germany

Feb 7, 8

SDC Workshop

Danca Livre,

Lisbon, Portugal

Feb 8


Danca Livre,

Lisbon, Portugal

July 10, 11

64x Possibilities
Paris, France

March 30-April 1

SDC Workshop

Danca Livre,

Lisbon, Portugal

Past Performances

  • 2014


    Solo #2
    Lisbon, Portugal

    June 20, 21

    64x Possibilities
    CCB, Lisbon, Portugal

    May 8

    64x Possibilities (Excerpt)
    Colégio Bom Sucesso, Lisbon, Portugal

  • 2013

    November  2013

    Trio C

    @ NYC with Loteria Performing Arts

    April 2013


    for GREEN LINE

    @ Buttenwesier Hall, 92Y, NYC

    Jan-Feb  2013

    Music for Muscles

    White Wave/CoolNY 2013

    @  Brooklyn, NY

    September 2013


    Arte Institute’s Summer Nights Series

    Union Square  @NYC

    March  2013

    Spanish Notes

    NYC10  2013

    @  Dixon Place, NYC

    August 2013


    @Waterside Plaza, NYC

    March  2013


    Fertile Ground  2013

    @ Green Space, L.I City

  • 2012

    November  2012

    Trio C

    @ Madrid, Spain

    April 2012

    Spring Duets

    @ NY Open Center

    September 2012


    @Aldous Theater

    Triskelion Arts Center

    April 2012

    Home Strings

    @ St. Jerome Opera House,

    The Bronx NY

    August 2012

    [+=1] (30 min version)

    @ The Wild Project

    April 2012


    @ Dixon Plc, NYC

    August 2012


    @ Judson Church, NYC

    March 2012

    Spring Duets

    @ Edgewater Hall,

    Staten Island, NY

  • 2011

    September 2011


    @ Hunter College, NYC

    March 2011

    On the Three Metamorphoses

    WaxWorks,  Brooklyn NYC

  • 2010

    June 2010

    Maximized Occurrence

    LaMaMa Moves! Dance Festival,


    April 2010

    Maximized Occurrence,

    Hunter College-Kaye Playhouse




64x Possibilities


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci & Diana Seabra

Performers: Diana Seabra, Rui Peixoto, Catarina Albano, Renato Gomes, Tatiana Verissímo

Music: Murcof, Nosaj Thing, Arvo Part, Jacaszek, Monolake

Costumes: Vanessa Pessoa

Lighting Designer: Carlos Ramos

Premiere: June 20, 2014

Place: Centro Cultural De Belem. Lisbon, Portugal



Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Diana Seabra, Olsi Gjeci

Erin Hunter, Timothy Edwards

Music: Murcof

Costumes:The Dancers

Premiere: August 17, 2013

Event: Waterside Plaza Dance Fest. 2013

Place: Waterside Plaza, NYC







Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performer: Diana Seabra

Music: Carlos Paredes, Einstürzende Neubauten, Murcof

Costumes:Anjola Toro

Premiere: March 17, 2013

Event: Fertile Ground 2013

Place: Green Space, Long Island City, NY

Music For Muscles


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Diana Seabra & Traci Klein

Music: Apparat, Rupa & The April Fishes, Murcof

Costumes: Anjola Toro

Premiere: January 31, 2013

Event: Cool NY 2013

Place: John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn

Trio C


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Ivanova Aguilar, Traci Klein & Olsi Gjeci

Music: Murcof

Premiere: November 3, 2012

Event: Loteria Performing Arts

Place: Teatro Jaime Salom, Madrid, SPAIN



Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Diana Seabra & Olsi Gjeci

Music: Mark Oaks (original composition)

Costumes: Anjola Toro

Premiere: (excerpt) August 11, 2012

Event: Waterside Dance Festival

Place: Waterside Plaza, NYC

Home Strings


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Erin Hunter Jennings, Diana Seabra

Toshihiko Nakazawa, Shara Harad

Music: George Tsuris (original composition)

Costumes:The Company

Premiere: April 27, 2012

Event: Apollo Opera Spring Offerings

Place: St. Jerome Opera House, Bronx

Spring Duets


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Helen Penn, Erin Hunter, Diana Seabra,

Toshihiko Nakazawa Charlotte Ghigliazza, Shara Harad,

Alessia Della Casa, Faith Kimberling

Music: Radiohead

Costumes: The Company

Premiere: March 10, 2012

Place: Edgewater Hall, Staten Island

Event:Second Saturday's: Art on The Edge



Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Olsi Gjeci, Erin Hunter Jennings, Diana Seabra,

Toshihiko Nakazawa

Shara Harad, Alessia Della Casa, Faith Kimberling

Music: Cecil Lytle, Pan Sonic, Air, Murcof

Costumes: Anjola Toro/Olsi Gjeci

Premiere: Feb 29, 2012Place: Great Room, Brooklyn

Event: Open Performance @ Movement Research

On The Three Metamorphoses(a)


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Olsi Gjeci, Erin Hunter Jennings

Music: Aphex Twin, Murcof.

Costumes: Anjola Toro

Premiere: July 9, 2011

Place & Event: Hunter College, for the Alumni Concert.

On The Three Metamorphoses


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Olsi Gjeci, Chen Shoham, Erin Hunter Jennings, Kaitlin Hines

Music: Aphex Twin, Murcof, Autechre.

Costumes: Anjola Toro

Video: Stephanie Vartanian

Premiere: March 27, 2011Place: Triskelion Arts Center

Festival: WaxWorks

Spanish Notes


Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Performers: Diana Seabra, Virginia Lin, Gilbert Reyes

Ivanova Aguilar, Shara Harad

Music: Chavela Vargas

Costumes:Anjola Toro

Premiere: March 24, 2013

Event: WaxWorks 2013

Place: Triskelion Arts Center, Brooklyn NY



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SDC has been an active company since March of 2010.


We need help financially from our friends, family and supporters to continue our artistic journey with full speed.


The creation of new works and their maintenance, and ability to perform and show work in different venues involves the need for a certain financial stability.


SDC is a newly formed company and is working toward creating these financial foundations.


With your help we can do a lot better as we are preparing to artistically emerge into the competitive but exciting field of Dance.

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